Sheba Remy Kharbanda
Creatrix | Visionary | Alchemist

Metaphysics Practice

I am an autodidact astrologer, having been brought to the work via my own journey towards self awakening.  My most significant studies have been with Liz Greene’s Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA) in London.

The word astrology comes from the Greek Astrologia, meaning word of the stars. I see astrology as a system of symbolic language which allows us to organize experience. I see the birth chart as a roadmap, or path, the planets representing archetypal energies, alive and well within each one of us aiding us, goading us and challenging us. Our work is learning how best to connect with these archetypal messengers and to integrate them into our personalities in our efforts to stay the course of our unique solar path.

My approach to this ancient language is a soul-centered one. I borrow from Evolutionary and Psychological Astrological traditions. I am interested in the questions of why we are the way we are and what our souls incarnated on on this earth plane to fulfill and accomplish.  In my practice, I am motivated to seek out the hows and whys of a situation, rather than the whats and whens. I approach the aspects, planets and angles as indications of the kinds of psychological and evolutionary processes our soul has incarnated to experience, rather than predetermined outcomes.

As a storyteller, I like to get to the story of one’s life. Thus, my way is always person before interpretation. Your story, your experiences come before the classical astrological interpretations which are your servant in the process of uncovering and connecting with what is genuinely in you and yours, who you are and what your soul came here to accomplish.  At the same time, my attitude is a practical one. While I am deeply motivated by symbolism and spirit, I aim to offer concrete, real-world solutions.

My readings are designed to be experienced as a conversation. I encourage you to share and dialogue with me. Prior to a reading, I ask clients to submit an intake form in which they are encouraged to share pieces of their personal history and the reasons for seeking a reading. I find that this activity enriches the experience for myself and my client.


Natal chart and transits reading

In this in-depth 90-minute reading, I will offer insights and guidance to aid you on your path towards uncovering who you are and where you are going in this lifetime.

Solar return/birthday and transits

Great for gifting and for understanding where best to put your focus for your personal new year. In this 90-minute reading, we will explore the major themes for your personal new year

Follow up sessions

Some clients prefer to work with me on an ongoing basis. For those seeking specific guidance and follow up subsequent within six and twelve months of a full reading, I offer follow up sessions billed hourly.



To book a reading

Please complete the intake form making sure to fill out your birth data, full name and requested reading type. Feel free to answer the other questions in as little or as much detail as you like. Once you email the intake form to me, I will offer some session dates and times. Please also feel free to email or call should you have questions about the reading types or need assistance with deciding which reading would best suit your needs.


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