Sheba Remy Kharbanda
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13 Moons Project

13 Moons is a video project formed of a series of performative self-portrait style videos in which I explore my relationship with my lunar cycle over a period of 13 lunation.

Though we live in a solar culture, chiefly observing time based on our relationship to the mighty Sun, we have a deep and abiding connection to the Moon. Symbolically and metaphorically, the Moon represents our feminine nature - possessed of by all genders - and rules our emotional tides, our intimate, ancestral and familial connections and more broadly our feeling nature. This project is a way to consciously and explicitly explore my own relationship with this archetype but also to raise the value and importance of this oft misunderstood and undervalued energy in our lives.

I commenced the project in January 2018 and, each month, fueled very much by the visions and sensations I experience during my menses, I create a new video. The first is viewable here with more to follow in time.

waxing crescent.jpg

13 Moons - Part 1

13 Moons - Part 2

13 Moons - Part 3

13 Moons - Part 4

13 Moons - Part 5

13 Moons - Part 6

13 Moons - Part 7

13 Moons - Part 8

13 Moons - Part 9

13 Moons - Part 10

13 Moons - Part 11

13 Moons - Part 12

13 Moons - Part 13