Sheba Remy Kharbanda
Creatrix | Visionary | Alchemist



Open your hidden eyes and return to the root of the root of your own self.                

          – Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

I seek to resurrect and serve Soul through my work as an energy medicine worker, counseling astrologer, intuitive empath, entrepreneur, filmmaker, storyteller, poet and writer. I am ever responsive to the call of the spiritual home and the pull towards the unseen inner world. I live life in deep reverence for the less tangible, invisible and subtle dimensions of reality and encourage those who work with me to open themselves up to the same.

We are all on a voyage to discover our purpose.  My journey is towards discovering and uncovering where I came from and who I am in this lifetime.  In my work, I invite you to explore on the most profound levels the questions of why you are here, who you are, where you came from (spiritually and biologically), how and why the remembered and unremembered past influences you so.

I aim to approach life’s opportunities and challenges with  creativity and in the spirit of transformation. I seek to unearth buried and repressed talents, the ones we may be ashamed of but which have an invaluable role to play on our journeys.

My work is aimed at centering oneself within the spiritual core and becoming aware of the inner world so that we can begin to form a relationship with our gifts – untapped and hidden – and delve more deeply into one's purpose in life.

I have followed a traditional path towards unlocking my skills, working with mentors and other Metaphysicans and healers. I bring pieces of myself, my background, my interests, my experience and my vision, to the work. I am deeply influenced by my Sikh Punjabi heritage with its emphasis on Sufi mysticism, its encouragement of a direct union and contact with the divine as well as its poetic and oral tradition.