Sheba Remy Kharbanda
Creatrix | Visionary | Alchemist


Follow the lead of your symptoms

for there’s usually a myth in the mess,

and a mess is an expression of soul.

- James Hillman

My hands-on energy sessions involve a deepened practice of Reiki combined with chakra (energy center) balancing, intuitive empathic and channeled/mediumistic readings in the service of unlocking dormant or repressed energies and facilitating a transformation on an inner level, in your relationship to yourself.

Energy work is aimed not only at restoring inner peace and a sense of equilibrium but also at empowering you to unlock your own inner resources and awaken you to your nascent healer and wise person. The work functions to redirect your attention from the outer world to your inner core: you experience a strengthened connection to your inner world, to your intuitive faculties and to your hidden, yet-to-be-tapped, resources so that your outer world becomes a better reflection of your highest potential.

I bring pieces of myself to this work and in so doing, encourage my clients to work with their whole selves. We are healthier when we approach the body as a whole, when we honor and recognize the body-mind-spirit connection as the anchor of our lives.

All sessions precede and conclude with dialogue. As an intuitive and medium, I may also see additional information. I offer this to you if you are interested in receiving. Additionally, I offer activities and exercises aimed at strengthening the spiritual core.

Anyone can benefit from this work although if you are under the care of a physician, or have any doubts, it’s always wise to consult with them first.


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